Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Quentin!!!!

We celebrated Quentin's birthday on Thursday as a family.  Jayden has been SOOO happy to finally have a brother!  He led our birthday celebration and helped his little bro out. I hope you all can get a look into how sweet they were together. HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY OUR SWEET BABY BOY!!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I know I am SO bad at blogging.  Here are some pics from our family trip to Mexico this winter.

This was a safe place to keep them at Cancun airport. Anything to keep them from running away!
 Hotel lobby
Jordan playing beach volleyball at the resort
My boyzzz

Jordi playing w/her bro

After we all had our manicures and pedicures
The girls found a Tejon which steel the golfers keys, wallets, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

Nap Time

Below is all our day at the beach!
Ready to ride the bus

Ready for a day out of the resort. Heading to an island for some snorkeling.
The boat ride to the island
 Girls and I
Kris and I
 Billy and Kris ready to snorkel
Brielle and Makya's first time snorkeling
 Kris and Kya
The kids enjoying the sunset on the ride back to Cancun
Uncle Adam and Quentin
The kids at the water park
Kya and Brielle enjoying their smoothies in the pool
Ashton and Raegan waiting for their hot dogs. What a life! 
A day with the Dolphins!!! (and let me tell you Makya was MAAAADDD that she wasn't old enough. Holy cow!!! No bueno! Haha)